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Our venue at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat is built around the spectacular nature of our surroundings. From the towering sandstone rocks to the abundant Australian native flora & fauna, here you can take a moment to marvel at just how special our little corner of the world is. Our 100-acre venue is surrounded by far-reaching views, jaw-dropping escarpments and home to many wombats, wallabies and kangaroos. 


There is nothing else like our ancient Rock Cathedral. This unique and natural space provides the most magical of backdrops as the place to start your future together. Exchange your vows under the canopy of the rustling leaves of the old eucalyptus tree, in this sacred place where time stands still. And for your cocktail hour, our sunset deck teeters on the edge of the world, looking out on the valley below, taking in all the sites and sounds that nature offers.

Our beautiful function area has stunning double height windows to ensure that the stunning outdoors is still incorporated into your evening reception, before heading back outside to spend precious moments sitting around our Boma, a huge firepit surrounded by a fortress of sticks.



  1. Natural beauty: Outdoor settings provide breathtaking backdrops that are difficult to replicate indoors. Whether it's our majestic Rock Cathedral, a lush garden, a serene beach, or a romantic vineyard, the beauty of nature can enhance the overall ambiance and make the experience truly enchanting.

  2. Connection with nature: Being surrounded by the elements of nature can create a deep sense of connection and grounding. The fresh air, sunlight, and natural sounds can contribute to a serene and peaceful atmosphere, allowing couples and their guests to feel more present and in tune with their surroundings.

  3. Symbolism: Outdoor weddings can symbolize the couple's connection to the natural world and their desire to celebrate their love within it. The openness of the outdoor space can represent the couple's openness to new beginnings, the vast possibilities of their future together, and the sense of freedom that comes with embracing the outdoors.

  4. Romantic ambiance: Outdoor weddings can evoke a sense of romance that is hard to replicate indoors. Whether it's the golden glow of the sun in the evening, the gentle rustle of leaves in the breeze, or the starry night sky above, these elements can create a dreamy and intimate setting that enhances the romantic atmosphere of the occasion.

  5. Unique experiences: Outdoor weddings often offer unique experiences that are not possible in traditional indoor venues. For example, exchanging vows under an ancient eucalyptus tree, walking down an aisle with breeze in your hair, or laughing the night away under a canopy of stars sat around the firepit can create memorable moments that will be cherished by the couple and their guests.

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