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The Bush Retreat has been an award winning wedding venue for the last 12 years, and over that time we have learned what goes into making a wedding day perfect.​ And after booking the ideal venue… Food is the next important thing on the list to consider!

No two weddings are the same, and your wedding catering is as unique as your wedding celebration itself. That is why we give you the flexibility to select ANY caterer you wish based on your style, budget and desires. But don’t worry... we have suggested recommendations of the best local caterers to make it easy for you!

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One of our favourite caterers is Rabbit & Co. They specialise in blending country warmth, city sophistication and expertise. Over the past 6 years they have cemented together an incredible team of chefs, producers, farmers and hospitality superstars to bring you the very best of what this region has to offer. Their menus reflect their love of the sea and the environment; only ever using organic and ethically sourced meats, seafood, crustaceans and produce. Apart from the teams commitment to deliver impeccable service and food, what sets them apart is their true ‘hospitality’. Their warmth, expertise, creativity and flexibility ensures that every wedding is seamless but also unique to each couple.


All dishes are lovingly and uniquely created, and crafted through the combination of only the finest ingredients. The team can caterer to any dietary requirement with prior arrangement.

The caterers put together some pretty special grazing tables and picnic boards. This is just one of their many and delicious talents, but this one sure is pretty and great for photos, especially when  on the Sunset Deck!


We believe food is to be shared and enjoyed, and what better occasion to share a feast with your loved ones than at your wedding! Reminiscent of King Henry VIII a banquet is a great option for a fun evening!

The catering team only use locally sustainably sourced meat, fish, dairy. fruit & vegetables. Being based on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, there is an abundance of local farmers, and the team buy direct wherever  possible.

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